Lending a helping hand to good causes should be part and parcel of life, which is why we decided to offer a full track day experience in our championship winning Radical SR3 for charity. So we got in touch with Cheshire Polo Club and suggested supporting one of their events in aid of Hospitality Action, an organisation that does valuable work helping those who have worked in hospitality who find themselves in crisis.

The day back in June started brilliantly when we were met with a champagne reception and canapes on arrival. It was the kind of greeting a man could get used to, although as the designated driver for the day, I made sure this one drink lasted a long time!

Soon after we got there, a polo match began, and I was amazed at the riders’ speed and skill. While they played, we had the chance to peruse a display of memorabilia, with bids being invited as part of a silent auction. I couldn’t resist bidding for a signed photo of Sean Connery as James Bond, holding his trusty Walther PPK.

Lunch was excellent, and was a great chance to chat with new people. Everyone seemed so welcoming, and they were certainly interested in hearing about Because Racecar!

Once lunch was out of the way, the serious business of running the auction kicked off. There were eight lots up for grabs, with bidders offering donations towards Hospitality Aid. My track day experience was lot number six, but things moved so fast that we seemed to get there in no time.

With lot six on offer, the Master of Ceremonies gave it a brilliant introduction and it was immediately clear that it was a popular prize. Interest was high, arms were raised, heads were nodding – and by the time we received the final bid, excitement levels were high. I have to say, it felt great to support a worthy cause in this way, and I can only say thank you to everyone who showed interest or made a bid.

The day’s earlier drizzle had given way to sunshine, so we made our way outside to catch a few more games of polo. If you’ve never seen polo played up close, I highly recommend it, and Cheshire Polo makes a brilliant venue in which to experience the incredible action.

After afternoon tea – involving the consumption of rather more scones than I intended – I made a point of introducing myself to the person who won the Because Racecar track day. She revealed that she had bought the prize for her husband, so I had a quick chat with him too. The more I explained what was on offer, the more I could see his interest growing and the more he wanted to know. I took that as a very good sign, and when he mentioned he would be bringing his son who used to race motorbikes, I knew they were worthy winners for sure.

It was only as the day was coming to an end that I remembered the silent auction for memorabilia. So as casually as I could, I wandered over and asked about the Sean Connery photograph…

Success! I’d made the highest bid and Sean Connery was coming home with me. Though I have to say, my wife would have preferred Daniel Craig!

Nevertheless, it was a great way to end a brilliant day, and hopefully it won’t be too long before Because Racecar can be involved in something similar again.